Finding time and new ways of working more effectively is our single most challenging area of life today. Book a seat at CDN’s first open programme for your College. Full details, and costs can be viewed here.

Priority Management teaches  busy leaders and teams how to increase productivity and improve wellbeing for people working in today’s cash strapped, fast paced, technology rich workplace.  We teach a better way to manage your workloads, so that it’s aligned with the vision, values and direction the board or leadership team have set.  Working Sm@rt will put you back in control of your work and increase feelings of wellbeing.

Jim Metcalfe, Chief Executive, CDN, “The Priority Management team has already demonstrated its effectiveness in working with Scottish colleges by training over 150 people. Feedback on the training, and the productivity impact it has, is highly impressive.  We are delighted at CDN to have negotiated this unique rate, so that many more colleges will be able to benefit from the programmes Priority offers”.

“Improving productivity and helping staff to manage time more effectively, prompted the College Executive and Senior Management Team to take part in a Working Sm@rt programme. The workshop session, and one to one support, was excellent in providing practical advice and examples of how to review and improve our working practices. The positive feedback has now resulted in the sessions being offered to staff groups across our organisation”. Cathy MacNab, Director of Quality, Learning and Teaching, West College Scotland

Priority Management has spent 37 years researching best practices in the workplace & has trained 2.5 million people in the last 10 years.

How would it feel to gain an hour back in your working day every day?

We teach ‘A Better Way to Work’ called Working Sm@rt™: a four stage programme of 16 hours for individuals and teams spread out over an eight week period. In addition to introducing you to international best practices for modern working, we help you optimise Outlook.  But it’s not about the tools: it’s about strategic decision making and highly effective working behaviours every day.

We work with groups of 10 or more from each college but those seeking support or to come as a pilot can come as individuals to our open courses. The first open course at CDN in Stirling will be held on Tuesday 20 February 2018 with registrations closing on Tuesday 6 February 2018.  Alternatively our Glasgow based open courses for all sectors can be found here. Groups of 10 or more can be accommodated by arrangement at CDN or in house at your own college.

College staff can now benefit from an exclusive CDN negotiated 23% discount whether in house groups or individuals attending the open courses

To find our more please contact Gilly and quote “CDN Partnership”